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To earn your $25, $50 or $100 cash reward for each retailer or service provider you visit, you will need to demonstrate to that merchant how the application works and how they can save thousands of dollars in advertising costs by not using traditional advertising methods such as coupons or printed ads. Once you show to that retailer or service provider how to sign up to participate in our Reverse Auctions or price competitons and they pay the $25, $50 or $100 deposit (Payment options 1, 2 or 3; it is up to you to to explain to the merchant which option to select, the more they pay the more you are rewarded and the longer it will take for them to have to replenish their deposit funds), then you have earned a $25, $50 or $100 reward.

 To do that you need to refer them to our website using your android phone, tablet or computer and click on the "Retailers/Sellers" tab at the top of the home page, once that page opens they must identify and click on the category that matches their line of business. On the new page they need to provide the information required to open a new account and check the box to accept the user agreement, after doing so a new page will open which they need to fill out completelly, set their bidding parameters and pay the $25, $50 or $100 deposit, the same amount is transfered to you as a reward  from the merchant for refering them to our application. To get your reward you will have to tell the merchant to select from options 1, 2 or 3 and to enter your email address in the field provided next to the Paypal icon called "Donation Code #" or "Reference Code"at the time the merchant signs up and pays the $25, $50 or $100 deposit; you will be notified by Paypal via the email address you have provided when you have received your cash reward.

You will also need to tell the merchant that the amount they paid will be used as a deposit from where a withdrawal of $0.75 will be made each time they "win" a Reverse Auction or price competition until the $25, $50 or $100 is depleted and that they will receive an email from us when is time to make another deposit in their account for future "wins",  we call this "Pay per Win". Merchants are not charged when they do not "win" but their name is always displayed when a buyer conducts a search in their area, only when their $25, $50 or $100 deposit has been depleated and they have not made another deposit their name will be taken out of the search results.

For the merchant to set up their bidding parameters you need to show them that the number on the top field is their asking price, the second field is the percentage they want to be under closest competitor (normally 1%) and the third field is the maximum discount (%)they are willing to go under their own asking price. Example: their asking price is $20, their percentage under closest competitor is 1% and their  maximum discount under their own asking price is 20% it means that their lowest price can be $16 (or 20% under $20) and if the lowest price of their closest competitor is for example $18 that means that they will win the Reverse Auction at $17.82 or (or 1% under competitor's $18). If their percentage under closest competitor was 5% then their wining price would be $17.10 and so on. When a shopper obtains a winning result the shopper also obtains a confirmation code, this confirmation code will also be posted on the merchant account to verify that the Reverse Auction or price competition actually took place and what the winning price was, the merchant will also be able to see who the closest competitor was and what their price was.       

Once they have set up their account and have made the deposit they are ready to start competing, you can demonstrate this to them with your phone by conducting a search in their area and see that their name appears on the search results.

This is how it works: As you already know our smart phone application and website allow users to engage Retailers, Service Providers and car Dealerships and their sales staff in an automated Reverse Auctions, to compete for the sale of a product, a service, or a car. In a Reverse Auction various sellers compete for the business of a single buyer thus reducing the price of the product or service being sold, just the opposite of traditional or forward auctions where the prices go up like on eBay auctions. By nature, the more sellers there are, the more competitive the Reverse Auction will be and the lower the prices will go.

Using this application not only do savvy shoppers get to win by getting lower prices with out having to haggle with sales staff, but also the sellers win as they do not need to offer a low price or discount across the board all of the time, they only need to offer the discounted price to those shoppers who request it using our application.                     

Sellers can store their custom bidding parameters in the application's bid engine. These parameters come into play when necessary and only go down to a preset percentage in preset increments in order to meet or beat the prices or discounts of their competitors. Parameters are also programmed to change based on the time of the day and day of the week the Reverse Auction takes place to adjust for market demand. Consumers can also enter in to the application any published price or discount and have competitors meet or beat that price or discount in real time 

The market possibilities of our Reverse Auction application are endless, but only the following categories are available at this time.                     

New Car Dealerships and their sales staff  (Available on our website and Android phone application)

Used Car Dealerships and individual sellers (Available on our website and Android phone application)

Oil Change Service (Available on our website and Android phone application)

Car Wash Service (Available on our website and Android phone application)

Hotels (Available on our website and Android phone application)

Attorney at Law Services (Available on our website and Android phone application)

Hair Cuts (Available on our website only)

Real Estate Agents (Available on our website only)

Future categories include Car Rental, Car Tires, Dental Service, Nail Salon services, Contractors, Loans, Prescription Drugs, liquor, cigarrettes, tanning salons, pizza delivery, RV's, ATV's, boats, motorcycles, public storage and many, many, many more.

How conventional marketing methods work: I often receive coupons on the mail for Oil Change services that range from $35 to $15 for a basic oil change; these businesses spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month mailing these coupons out to customers in their area. Which business gets the most customers? Easy; the business with the lowest priced coupon $15 of course. Now if you wonder how much profit is that business making on each oil change after paying for the cost of the oil, the filter, the labor, the rent, the equipment, the utilities, credit card fees, taxes etc. that profit will be close to nothing, zero; that business just gave away a lot of oil changes unnecessarily even to those people who normally do not bargain or care for coupons but that low price was very hard to ignore.    

Now if that Oil Change business was a subscriber to our Reverse Auctions the owner of that business could go to our website and open his account page and enter his/or her custom bidding parameters, being for example a regular starting price of $35 and a lowest price of $15 in increments of $1 under the closest competitor for the same basic oil change service. There may be other Oil Change businesses subscribed to our Reverse Auctions in the same geographic area, some of them will have a $30 or $25 or lower asking price and may be a lowest price of $17.95 or $16.05 or even lower. When a user conducts a search on our application for Oil Change places in the area that user can increase or narrow the search in relation to his or her location, that can be 1 mile or 5 miles from the location, so each search is going to be different and each search is going to generate different results, of those results the user is going to select a few or all of the listed merchants to participate in the auction which can be 2 or more at one time. The user can base the selection on the ratings given before by other customers, or on the distance to the location or both. Not two auctions are ever going to be identical, some times the user will select ABCD some times ABDE or some times ACDF etc. If the $35 base price business (our subject business) is compared to another business with a starting price 0f $25 and a lowest price of $19.95, that means that the $35 business (our subject business) will win the Reverse Auction at $18.95 because as you know it can go as low as $15 if needed but in this case the $1 increment under closest competitor will apply so it only needs to go to $19.95 minus $1 or $18.95.                                 

If the user wants to search for a lower price then his or her search needs to be expanded to include more subscribers where the $15 lowest price of our subject business location can come in to play with another business that may go as low or close to the $15 for example another business may use $16 as lowest price, so $16 minus $1 will force our subject business to use the lowest price of $15.

If the user received a coupon in the mail with a value of $17.95 the user can manually enter that value in to a Reverse Auction and have our subject business beat that price by $1.00 at $16.95. So it is clear, buyers can get a low price if they are smart shoppers and sellers only need to sell at a low price when the competition and market demands it.                      

To earn your $25 cash reward you will explain the above to the retailer or service provider you are visiting, the same priciple applies to all categories except new cars where a % under MSRP is used instead of dollar values .



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